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The company was incorporated on 31’st March 1999.

The company was promoted by Mr. Manoj Joshi. He is a technocrat with proven track record in Auto Gas Conversion Technology for the past 10 years with strong business acumen.

Mission Statement

To create the revolutionary change in Indian Automotive Industry by the development of Alternate Fuel concept.

What is Autogas?

Autogas is the name applied to Liquid Petroleum Gas when used as a vehicle fuel. The same gas is often used in rural areas for cooking and central heating. There is nothing new about vehicles powered by gas. During the second world war, vehicles could be seen with a large balloon shaped box on the roof containing coal gas. Happily nowadays, the gas technology does not rely on a giant balloon on the roof!

The gas is stored under pressure in liquid form in purpose made tanks. At room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure Autogas is in a gaseous state, changing to liquid when subjected to pressure. Being in a liquid state under low pressures gives Autogas an advantage over natural gas which will only turn to liquid at extremely low temperatures. Therefore with Autogas more fuel can be stored for the same weight and volume than with natural gas.

The LPG Auto Conversions - Guide to an Autogas system

A tank constructed from steel is fitted in the boot. It is fitted with a multi function valve. This unit comprises of a fuel gauge, a pressure relief valve, excess flow valve and various shut off valves. It is filled via a filling point located usually at the rear of the vehicle.

The gas in liquid form is carried through plastic coated copper pipes to the front of the car. Here it goes through a filter and than to the vapouriser. At this point it is converted to a gas ready for use by the engine.

The flow of gas to the engine is controlled by an e.m.u . (electronic management unit). This unit works alongside the car's own e.c.u. constantly monitoring the exhaust emissions and adjusting the gas supply accordingly. This unit is self learning and adapts to different drivers and road conditions automatically.

A switch on the dashboard allows you to select the option of running on gas or petrol.

Global polularity of Autogas.

Autogas is the fastest wide-spread for uses fuel to transport in the whole world. In more than 40 countries approximately 5,5 million cars are powered by Auto gas, where in Italy is one million of them. In most cities auto gas decreases the problem with polluted air and green house effect. LPG is very safe.

Is LPG Auto gas safe?

Yes, it is totally safe. Multi valve unique safely device on the Auto LPG tank will take care of the following safety measures:-

  • All connections are made inside a gas tight box.
  • Excess Flow Valve shuts off the supply of LPG outside the tank in case of pipe line damage or other leakage.
  • There is a manual cock to open and close passage manually during urgency.
  • Remote controlled shut off valve enables the gas to come out to the tank only when the gas mode is selected.

Join us in the noble cause of reducing pollution from our mother earth. Run your car on gas and give a helping hand.


Advantages of the newest generation of gas conversion LPG and CNG gas kits.

  • Auto L.P.G is the Future
  • Pollution free
  • More economic
  • World wide acceptance
  • More ecological (perform ecological rates EURO 4)
  • Long life to the engine

Weather you are a private motorist, small business owner or manager of a large fleet, the benefits of LPG are too great to ignore. LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a proven high performance, clean, efficient and economical alternative to petrol.

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